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Welcome to the Exterior Worlds Landscape Design Blog and Project Showcase Gallery.  Here, you will find detailed information on the nature of our landscaping projects.  Portraits taken from previous case histories are showcased in our gallery.  Analysis of major landscape elements which comprise a residential landscaping plan are also developed in order to give you a close-up view of the individual components that fit together to create outdoor living environments.  Strategies for gardens and other types of softscape elements are also explained at length so our readers can gain a clear picture of how landscape master plans and key landscape elements are systematically planned, designed, and constructed.

Close analysis of our previous work is both recommended and encouraged.  It is one thing to discuss the various ways that different outdoor elements can be created.  It is quite another to reveal how such elements have already been developed in ways that exceeded the expectations of previous clients.  These landscape designs were often inspired by the clients themselves, which were then subsequently developed by our professionals through ongoing dialogue with the homeowner.  Careful study of our case histories will also reveal to interested readers exactly how this design/build process works.  It will reveal, as well, how many popular outdoor elements can be customized to the scale and scope of an individual residential property.

Something most readers will immediately realize in our articles is that the architecture of the home figures preeminently in the development of both the form and function of landscape design elements.  Very seldom do we install a single element in a yard as a standalone courtyard, fountain, patio, or outdoor building.  Typically, single landscaping elements like these, working exclusively on their own, fail to effectively extend the architecture of the home throughout the property.  Individual elements such as patios, walkways, pools, and outdoor kitchens only bring lasting value to curb appeal when they exist in relationships to other elements that are both aesthetically and functionally tied to the home itself.   The end result is a veritable exterior world of outdoor living that fully emerges from the intricate relationships that form between the various elements.

Readers will also notice that many of our projects involve a great deal of hardscape design and landscape architecture.  While many would assume that elements such as hedges and gardens constitute the essence of landscaping, this is not the way our form of landscape design works.  Since our emphasis is on the creation of an outdoor living environment, structures figure prominently in our design/build projects.  Structure extends home architectural motifs into the entirety of the property.  Structure also provides functional areas where activities can be fully pursued.

Gardens and other softscapes are developed around the home, various hardscapes, and outdoor architecture This adds form and vitality to the basic geometry of the master layout, and it provides organic energy for the outdoor experience.  Plants, lawns, and trees contribute the full spectrum of living color to property.  Varying levels of vertical impact, dynamic geometry, and interconnected accents of resident structures all work together to create an alluring environment where comfort coexists in equal measure to excitement.

From this material, readers can gain a clear sense of what landscape design can do for them.  Previous projects should be viewed as a guideline for inspiration that homeowners can generate their own ideas from.  Individual elements can be seen as templates from which we will develop similar forms built in scale and scope to a homeowners dwelling, property as a whole, and lifestyle aims.

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